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The most frequently requested cosmetic procedure in our office is teeth whitening. There is nothing quite as captivating as a smile so brilliant and warm that it reminds you of the summer sun.


Beautiful white, stain free teeth improve the appearance of your entire face, making you appear younger and more attractive. The more you love your smile, the more often you use it. That alone can improve your relationships and enjoyment of life!


Why teeth darken

Time, habits, health issues, foods, and beverages can rob your smile of its youthful brilliance. Most discolorations are caused by staining. Tooth enamel looks smooth and solid, but it is actually porous, absorbing microscopic dark particles. Anything that would stain white clothing will stain your teeth. Acidic substances, such as wine, soften the enamel, making it even more susceptible to stains.

In some cases, the darkening is internal. Excess fluoride, certain diseases, and medications such as antibiotics can cause discoloration. Additionally, bright white teeth naturally fade with age, even if there were no other factors.

Whitening options

The shelves of every store are lined with products claiming to brighten your smile. A few are completely ineffective, and a few achieve slight improvement. However, over the counter products do not compare to professional whitening in effectiveness, or safety.  The Doctor will customize your treatment depending on the type of discoloration you have, your oral health, and your desired level of whiteness.

In-office whitening yields dramatic results in just one appointment. This is a great option if you want to rejuvenate your smile in time for a class reunion, wedding, date, public appearance, or any other special event. The entire procedure is usually completed in about one hour, with instant results!

At-home whitening combines the convenience for do-it-yourself treatment, with the power of professional treatment. The Doctor will take impressions of your teeth and design custom trays for a perfect fit. Avoiding leaks keeps the bleaching gel away from soft tissues, preventing irritation.


It also keeps the gel on your teeth, for optimal results. You will be given complete instructions, and professional strength whiteners. The doctor will oversee your treatment, and he will be available if you have any questions or encounter any problems.
Call our office at (310) 539-8616 and schedule an appointment today.


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